+7 (495) 973 99 00

+7 (495) 973 99 00

Air cargo

FKKGroup provides air delivery of cargo on domestic routes as well as in international traffic. We guarantee short deadlines, quality service, delivering virtually all shipments of 1 kg, of varying degrees of difficulty.

Air transportation is the most rapid and convenient method of transportation of cargo over long distances. Ease of air transportation is provided by a large network of airports around the world, automated processes for loading goods, availability of temporary storage.

Air transport provides the fastest speed delivery of goods compared to other modes of transport. This is especially true in the case of delivery of perishable goods, medicines, goods, high-value, spare parts for the repair of faulty equipment, etc. In the case of air cargo distance between the point of origin and point of destination is largely irrelevant, since air transportation between any airports are usually carried out in no more than a day. Most often, the general term of delivery of cargo by air is more dependent on the time of preparation of cargo for shipment at the airport of departure and time of cargo handling and expectations of their connecting flight at the transit airport than from time to time directly in the path of the cargo on board the aircraft.

For air travel is virtually no inaccessible corners of the planet. The only condition for the possibility of air transportation in the region is the presence of the sender and the recipient’s international airport. But even if the airport is not in the immediate vicinity of the sender / recipient, the air freight is used in combination with other modes of transport for the delivery of goods between origin / destination and the airport.

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