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Transportation in the CIS

Road transportation continue to be the main method of delivery of cargo in Russia and in the countries of Europe, CIS, and not infrequently, from Asia. But do not forget that even the transport of goods through the territory of the Russian Federation or of the Customs Union, especially under the scheme Door to Door will be successful and cost-effective only when the efficient transport logistics and warehouse logistics and often in cases of overload on long-haul routes.

Questions of the organization of international transport include not only the purely technical aspects, as well as the specifics of international law. In this context, delivery of goods may be associated with a number of difficulties, especially for the uninformed person / organization. For international shipping company FKKGroup — professional subject.

Much more difficult road transport of import and export goods, especially if the following delivery teams, hazardous, perishable or bulky goods. Quickly resolve questions of customs clearance of perishable goods, if necessary, to consolidate cargo, perform transportation of oversized and dangerous cargoes in strict accordance with the laws of the country and with the assistance of traffic police escort today can only carrier with an experienced professional team and partnerships with customs and other government agencies of control.

In addition, international road transport requires not only an ideal state of vehicles, but also much experience of drivers that can perform equally well on highways and traffic and transport flows in the metropolis. Employees should be of high professionalism, tracking the movement of goods loaded and runs on time makes adjustments to the route that let you deliver on time and with complete safety as cargo and transport staff. We use the logical systems to minimize time and costs.

It was a professional job dispatchers, drivers, transportation and warehousing logistics is ready today to offer our customers a freight forwarding company «FCC Group». And thanks to the team work of the team, «the FCC Group» and the experience of transportation logistics road transport of any range in the company are always cost-effective, successful and operational.

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