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+7 (495) 973 99 00

Russia-inside road transport

Versatility and high mobility is an essential advantage of trucking. Road transportation is one of the most affordable and the best ways of delivery. Our company has turned out strong experience, carrying freight on a regular basis in many regions of Russia. Every day, we help our clients solve problems associated with the transport of the wide range of goods: consumer electronics, hardware, building materials, consumer goods, and more. Specific methods for the process of organizing freight transport by road in many cases the most effective and preferred. On vehicles bear a significant amount of cargo. Sometimes it’s the only way to deliver the cargo to its destination.

Our experts are always happy to assist you in choosing the right vehicle. We will find you the best route to advise on all matters of transportation and workflow, will help coordinate the work of shippers and consignees. We are always aware of the dynamics and the state of the transport market, as well as the situation on the Russian roads in different areas and regions of Russia.

FKKGroup transports its own fleet of vehicles to meet the requirements of Euro 5, including vehicles equipped for the carriage of dangerous goods.

Large base of service providers and subcontractors to select the desired type of vehicle for the carriage of goods in the desired region of the Russian Federation. Security service carries a mandatory review of all service providers.

All freight forwarder insured civil liability, if necessary, transportation can be insured separately.

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