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+7 (495) 973 99 00

Transportation in Moscow and Moscow region

FKKGroup transport company provides all kinds of road transport for the organization of cargo transportation in Moscow and the Moscow region.

We know how important the business of our customers is to deliver on time, raw materials and finished products. In general, the flow of transport companies sets us apart attention to you and your needs, career choices and solutions consistent quality of service. We are constantly working to improve the schemes that meet the modern requirements of our partners.

Our company produce fast, accurate and secure trucking cargo to anywhere in Moscow or the Moscow region. Our company gives you a guarantee of safety in transport operations. Its own car park FKKGroup regularly passes inspection. Turning to FKKGroup, you can no longer worry about your cargo. The delivery of your goods will be made promptly and safely.

For the implementation of the Transportation in Moscow, we have cars with printed decal on the Ring Road, within the Third Ring Road, in the center, including heavy. Guaranteed quick and timely supply of vehicles with a professional delivery driver. Filing a car for transportation is made at any time of the day.

Delivery in Moscow and all types of vehicles:

  • Capacity from 1t. up to 20t. (awning, refrigerator, isotherms);
  • Cars with body type: awning, refrigerator, isotherms, as well as the presence of lifts;
  • Cars, equipped for the carriage of dangerous goods;

In addition to the services of Transportation in Moscow and the Moscow region, we offer forwarding services, cargo insurance, security services.

Turning to FKKGroup, you are guaranteed to receive quality service, and the ability to order day-to-day, the ability to receive service on weekends and holidays, and get professional help in the design and provision of transport and accompanying documents.

Monitoring the delivery of your shipment is available 24 hours a day

Contact the department of Russia-inside road transport.

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